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With Lamp Light Touch Switch In The Competitiveness Of The Market

- Apr 28, 2018 -

With lamp light touch switch in the competitiveness of the market

Copper thick with lamp light touch switch, to improve current capacity, reduce the resistance of the copper pieces of their own; Strong toughness, especially applied to toggle switch socket part, not easy to deformation. Even if the toggle switch used for a long time, can maintain a proper clamping force, to ensure that the set of closely connected with the plug, reducing arc; Oxidation resistance, no rust, reduce caused by corrosion resistance increase and the hot issues; Less riveting, had better be a whole piece of copper pieces, further reducing riveting pay attention to the current capacity and pressure switch, switch should not be less than the nominal current electrical electrical load work

With lamp light touch switch carefully to see if there are any more detailed product packaging manufacturer or supplier address, phone. As far as possible to have a regular supply channels of formal shop to buy brand products. Main switch brands on the market generally use PC material, PC material is also called bulletproof glue, impact resistant, high temperature resistant, not easy to change color feature is very important to control electrical switch.

Better switch and front panel on the back of the base are made of PC material, and the general switch on the base with black nylon material to replace the PC material, so cost can reduce a lot. Also use PC material, a lot of company (hereafter called sacsc) is the domestic production of household, and the current domestic haven't actually is a company capable of producing PC material, the so-called domestic production is generally use reprocessed material back out, so the impurities is higher, it will be very fragile, poor heat resistance are also obvious.

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