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What Is The Relationship Between Membrane Switch With Ink?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Want to understand the relationship between membrane switch and ink need to know what ink is first? Ink by resin, pigments, additives and solvent composition, is a kind of viscous colloidal fluid, in the printing industry as raw materials, main application fields are books, packaging decoration, electronic circuit board printing, etc.

In the production of membrane switch, as one of the raw materials, printing ink is not lack of part of the switch for the application of ink in two areas: the panel is made up by film and ink, the ink printing on the film into a text and pattern, make the switch with functional and ornamental; And on the circuit board will be used, such as online derivation the coding, some contact protection. Ink inside the switch plays an important role, promote the development of switch, vice versa.

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