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What Is The Difference Between The Membrane Switch And The Tact Switch?

- Apr 17, 2018 -

What is the difference between the membrane switch and the tact switch?


    Membrane switches have made great strides in the market of waterproof, insurance, and reliable performance due to the breakage of skill materials. Because of its easy installation and reduced profits, membrane switches have gradually begun to replace the application areas without touch switches. What is the difference between the membrane switch and the tact switch? The following Xiao Bian will explain to you.

    The touch switch has a small volume and is a specification part. The dimension and related parameters must be combined with the specifications of the business, and the colors are also much more varied. On the other hand, the membrane switch can be customized for size, appearance, color, etc. according to the owner's requirements. It can be used more conveniently and sensitively. Membrane switches have good rigidity, open structure and waterproof structure, and better adaptability to conditions.

The cost and price of the tact switch are relatively low, and there is no large price adjustment due to the stable raw materials in the market. Compared with the high price and large volume, the membrane switch responds more to the price of raw materials.

    Both the tact switch and the membrane switch are attributed to a functional switch. When the tact switch is in use, the switch can be turned on when the switch button is pressed quietly. When the hand is released, the switch can be disconnected. The internal structure of the tact switch and the membrane switch is supported by the metal dome. Stretching to achieve continuity. Membrane switch is a button of its own collar line, generally the uppermost layer is a panel with text or pattern composed of materials such as pet or pc, the lower layer is a heat conductive route, the center layer is imitating the switch mode and isolation The double-sided tape made from pet data, the lowermost part is generally the contact and the receiving route on the pet material. When using the finger to press the key position of the surface layer, its key contact should be in contact with the contact of the upper layer position to form a direct current connection.

    Membrane switch to listen to the rise of equal professional, it is simply superficial panel buttons, the name is relatively familiar, and many facilities are using the master panel to control the film, which is widely used in electronic communications, electronic measuring instruments, light industry control, medical Facilities, bus light industry, smart toys, household appliances, etc.

    Membrane switch is a multi-layer structure (three-dimensional) type (non-locking) key switch that is composed of insulating data layers that are in a constant inertia, and integrates functions such as buttons, indicating parts, and instrument panels.

   Membrane switch has beautiful appearance, long service life, simple structure, convenient installation, good hand feeling, small occupied area, etc. It is widely used in all walks of life. It is gradually replaced by home appliances and high-tech products. A market with light touch switches has a huge share of the market.

    The fundamental mission principle of the film is as follows: when the back panel is not pressed, the pellicle switch is in the general form, and the upper and lower contacts are in the disconnected state, and the isolation layer plays a role in isolating the upper and lower circuits.

     When the film plate is pressed down, the contact of the upper path is deformed downwards, and the lower path is weighed and the route is conducted. After the conduction, the signal is connected to the internal connection instrument to complete its echoing performance. When the finger is grasped, the upper passage contact bounces back, the passage cuts, and the circuit triggers a one-degree signal.

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