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What Are The Requirements For Film Membrane Panel?

- Jul 21, 2017 -

A. good chemical resistance:

Panel layer is likely to hit a different chemicals, but for most of common chemicals, such as alcohol, ether, mineral oil should have certain tolerance ability.

  B. elasticity requirements:

Request panel thin layer has a certain weak performance, at the same time, the membrane switch elastic deformation, can use the material of elongation, generally elongation, elastic deformation is big also, add the difference on elastic energy.

 C. good appearance:

Refers to making flat on the surface of thin film panel, luster, no mechanical damage, scratches, surface defects such as inclusions and splash.

  Good weather resistance: D.

Panel layer is surface layer of the membrane switch exposure in the natural environment, its panel material to be under the certain condition of the natural environment, not out of shape, craze, aging and change color, etc.

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