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Waterproof Membrane Switch Without Worrying

- May 29, 2018 -

Membrane switches are a type of switches that are resistant to the environment. Resisting the environment is the ability to resist harsh environments, such as dirt, temperature, and moisture. Water is destructive in relation to commodities, especially electronic ones. Such lethality is, for example, dripping water and wearing stones, and it is impossible to prevent the water from harming the water. This will reduce the impact of water on the life cycle of goods.

Membrane switch is not afraid of water, that is, it can reduce the impact of water on the number of switches to a certain extent, facing the strong water, the factors of the switch to survive and its structure, manufacturing information and manufacturing properties. Membrane key switch is attributed to a hermetically-sealed structure, and the hermeticity must be prevented to a certain extent from the invasion of foreign impurities. The switch manufacturing data is selected from waterproof materials and is a guaranteed brand information, and can therefore be maintained even when exposed to a small amount of moisture. The original life number. Regarding the manufacturing nature of the switch, it is the change of the traditional switch, allowing the existing switch to exert a greater effect in the overall product, and in terms of the membrane switch, it is different from the functions of the normal switch, and can also be used as a commodity of the complete machine. Appearance maintenance of the whole product from external hazards.


The longevity of the membrane switch can be as high as 1 million times or more, without worrying too much about the harm caused by external influences. Waterproofing is only one of the main functions of the membrane switch.

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