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Type Of Membrane Switch Material

- Apr 06, 2017 -

PVC PVC\60 ℃ \0.175~0.5/smooth at ambient temperature to acid, alkali and salt stability. Good abrasion resistance, burning out of the quenching, the noise elimination, electrical insulation good. The thermal stability is poor. Inexpensive common signs, panels.

Polycarbonate PC\-60~120 ℃ \0.175~1.0\ smooth transmittance of high, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, bending, tensile, compressive strength is very superior, heat resistance cold resistance, electrical insulation and atmospheric aging resistance. Poor drug resistance, poor fatigue resistance, prone to stress cracking, the output interface terminal circuits are generally carbon materials made of printing, and there is no protective coating, the air oxidation gradually formed a peeling layer, to the end result in the break-off, which is the most prone to the failure of the film switches, the main environment is determined, whether used or not, physical damage time is 3-10 years. The general scope of application is most widely, in addition to meet the requirements of most thin film switch panels, in which the high transmittance of glossy PC can meet the requirements of LCD display window.

Sand surface polyester (PET) \-30~120 ℃ \0.1~0.2 Smooth resistance character good, insoluble in the general organic solvents, not alkali. With excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, rigidity, hardness and thermoplastic the largest strength and toughness, low water absorption, abrasion resistance, good friction resistance, high dimensional stability. Tensile strength can be comparable with aluminum film, much higher than PC, PVC. Low because the surface is difficult to process into sub-light type, so the texture of pet is more expensive to make film switch circuit the most ideal substrate. One of the texture pet is suitable for the surface of high demand or with LCD display window products.

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