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Two Kinds Of Circuit Design Of Membrane Switch

- Sep 18, 2017 -

  Another kind is the x - y moment arrangement method is adopted, it is made up of "line" and "columns" a matrix, on the same line direction (x direction), regardless of the number of switch, all by a public one end of the line will switch to elicit;Similarly, in the same column direction (i.e., y direction), regardless of the number of switch, also by a common line connected to the switch at the other end of the and derivation, in this way, matrix arrangement can constitute any combination of x - y a switch.When it is able to control the special function in the past, often need to set in the circuit of the rear decoding, however, it is not difficult in the logic circuit.


  Membrane switch circuit design, as a guidance document of the production process, should strive to in the design of matrix, the membrane switch can in and the actual keys to converge.This can be reduced to make the back line of trouble;At the same time also is helpful for inspection, to avoid any mistakes.When's the best way to express in the circuit diagram, directly put the function of each key content annotation in the matrix, membrane switch and key in the same position, then the lead in from left to right in the order number, so be clear at a glance, without column connection relationship table again.


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