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Thickness Of Film Switch Material

- Apr 06, 2017 -

The thickness of the plastic substrate in 0.25mm and below is called thin film, mainly used as the panel layer of the film switch, the back is printed with a variety of indicative patterns, text to indicate the corresponding key position of the operation area, the thickness selection should be depending on the panel and the size of the press, the material thick, the touch power, the reaction is slow, the material is too thin, touch is poor, rebound is not obvious. Thickness in 0.25mm above referred to as plates, not suitable for three-dimensional bonding molding, can be used as a non-key operating area of the indicator panels, but also as a membrane switch lining plate to improve its hardness.

Line layer substrate Material:

The substrate of the circuit shall be made of polyester (poly-phthalic acid glycol ester) film (Potyester referred to as PET). It has good insulation and heat resistance, with high mechanical strength, transparency and air tightness, especially with the resistance to folding and high elasticity, is the ideal material for making thin film switching circuits.

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