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The Working Principle Of The Membrane Switch Panel

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Membrane switch panel, the main components of structure are generally consists of buttons and film, the thickness of the membrane switch generally control in 0.15 mm or so, if too thin, there is no back stretch, the use of switch also would not be so sensitive, if the queen mother, press also very arduous, is bad product.

Make plate type switch when selecting a film thickness will tend to choose a slightly higher, used to guarantee the products are used for a long time.Another application in circuit contact type of panel requires the use of somewhat low, only when the diameter of the bubbling comparison, will choose to use a thin film.

Thin film of the overall structure of the key design is very simple, want when get a thin film panel observation panel circuit and circuit board cover only the buttons off can be seen.

When designing the shape of the button size is larger, it is best to choose 0.18 mm thickness of the film, the thickness of the film thickness is moderate, has the very good rebound effect, can be used frequently, it is not easy to damage.If choose the film thickness is not enough, it is easy to penetrate.The membrane switch using insensitive.

Key advantages of membrane switch panel is very much, his work principle and advantage compared to other different types of buttons, it is in a conductive film above the many points of conductive metal welding, each key can be connected with the membrane switch membrane panel key is how to work the circuit, can realize different control effect, membrane panel with a layer of barrier layer, its role is in no one according to the time to do a button and panel, press the processing circuit.Complete instructions.


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