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The Thin Film Panel Surface Texture And The Organs Of The Window

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Surface texture is the surface of the coating of membrane panel, its structure has many forms. The following are frequently used for four kinds of forms:

(1) sand surface: coarse sand and fine sand.

(2) the smooth: plane completely transparent

(3) smooth grinding processing: base material is smooth, except through the window and light hole grinding processing.

(4) the glossy hair treatment: base material for the hair side, do gloss processing and light hole outside through the window.

Thin film panelWindow is a transparent or translucent area on a panel, so that the user observation panel behind the junior luminescence tubes or LCD display content.

Through the form of the window is as follows:

(1) transparent window: no color transparent area.

(2) the filter window: printing a translucent ink area, usually red, green or yellow color, so that the difference between the color of the light emitting diode.

(3) the opaque window: by printing the dark area of the liquid in through the window, and make the digital tube are not visible.Digital tube light shine after clear and soft.

(4) : grid window through the grid of distributed evenly, can make the light intensity of the digital tube weaken and has adornment effect.

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