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The Characteristics Of UV Ink

- Sep 19, 2017 -

UV ink is also known as UV ink, is to use a certain wavelength ultraviolet (UV) radiation, by the moment of photochemical reaction, make the density of its liquid

UV ink into solid-state ink.havenMembrane switchThe printing process, the most commonly used UV ink oil, insulating oil, grinding sand window

Oral liquid.The popularization and application of UV printing technology in China for the moment there is a process.On the one hand is for the further recognition of UV technology

Knowledge and understanding, UV ink widely attention and favor, in foreign countries mainly lies in its has the following features:

UV ink can be instant drying, high production efficiency, wide adaptation, in the paper, aluminum foil, plastic and so on the different print carrier

Have good adhesion, the product can be stacked, immediately after the printing adhesion will not occur.

UV ink is safe and reliable, without solvent emissions, non-flammable, no pollution, is suitable for the food, beverage, tobacco, medicines, etc

Sanitation demanding packaging printing.

UV ink excellent physical and chemical properties.UV curing dry process is UV ink photochemical reactions, or by a linear structure


Reticular formation process, so has the resistance to water, alcohol, alcohol resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and so on many excellent physical and chemical properties, this is it

He various types of printing ink.

Good UV ink printing eligibility and high print quality, print process does not change property, non-volatile solvent, viscosity stability, lis

Strong, network high-definition, order the good reproducibility, inky bright light, adhesion strong, suitable for fine print products.

UV ink dosage province.Because there is no solvent evaporation, high effective ingredients, can almost 100% into ink film, its usage is

Less than half the ink or solvent ink, so the comprehensive cost is low.On the other hand is need in the device, light source, form a complete set of equipment

Improvement and technology together.UV ink and its t

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