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Talk About Thin Film Panel

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Talk about thin film panel

 Thin film panels In the industry, we refer to thin film panels as membrane switch panels. In fact, membrane switch panels have different names in different industries.

        It is very popular in recent years. It is a kind of textual mark and trademark integrating decorativeness and functionality. In the PVC, PC, PET and other flexible plastic materials on the printed graphics, text descriptions, transparent windows, etc., affixed to different types of double-sided adhesive, made for the identification and protection of plastic products. The film panel is beautiful in appearance, with clear graphics and good sealing. Waterproof, anti-deformation, anti-pollution, anti-high temperature, strong viscosity and other characteristics.

        In the industry, we refer to thin film panels as membrane switch panels. In fact, in different industries, membrane switch panels have different names. The following are common:

        1) Membrane switch 2) Film touch keyboard 3) Sticker 4) Mask 5) Conductive circuit 6) Push switch 7) Surface paste 8) Touch switch, etc.

        It is widely used in home appliances, instrumentation, machinery and electronics and medical equipment, such as switch panel, factory name / trademark OEM, etc., has fundamentally changed the aluminum panel and other traditional panel material defects, become the most ideal new modern One of the panels.

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