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Plane Membrane Switch

- Jul 28, 2017 -

 Membrane switchThe buttons on the to color different said the position, shape and size of the key body, inMembrane switchThe initial phase of the more common.The three-dimensionalMembrane switch: often,Membrane switchThe buttons on the only express the position of the key body in color, shape and size.

So, can only depend on the accuracy of the vision to identify the operators, because there is no appropriate feedback shows that finger is pressing the button in the effective scope of switch action, and thus affect the self-confidence and operating speed of the machine monitoring.An open the key body slightly raised, slightly higher than the panel, constitute a three-dimensional shapeMembrane switch, known as three-dimensional key switch.Three-dimensional key can not only accurately given the range of the key body, to improve the recognition speed, make the operator touch sensitive, at the same time also promote the adornment effect of the product appearance. Stereo key production, must be in the design stage of the panel will be ready to arrange, equipped with hole, in order to have accurate positioning, mould pressing its three-dimensional bump height should not be commonly more than twice the thickness of the base material.For the beautiful appearance of the product, bumpMembrane switchBump can have a variety of changes.

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