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Must Know The Membrane Switch Should Pay Attention To What Points?

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Light touch switch and membrane switch all belong to the functional switch, touch switch is quietly when using click the switch button to switch on and switch off when let go of the hand, its internal structure is accomplished by metal shrapnel stress bounces on and off;Membrane switch is a kind of itself with the line buttons, usually the top is composed of pet or PC and so on data the panel with the text or pattern, the lower is conductive lines, the center layer segregation is imitation switch mode and the function of the pet material into the double-sided adhesive, the bottom part is usually the pet materials contact and convergence line that finger press key parts of the surface, its key contact should be compared with the lower part of the contact parts contact, constitute the current connection.
The cost and price
Light touch switch main production process: stamping, injection molding, washing, device - molding - inspection process;The production process and membrane switch, mainly: screen printing, die cutting, equipping, testing and other work.Both are high to the requirement of production, by contrast, use level of dust, the higher the workshop production for its product quality is guaranteed.Light touch switch cost and price is lower, not due to the original data to produce volatile market price adjustment;High price compared and membrane switch, large volume, are greatly influenced by the original material price elements.
Membrane switch with high precision, emphasized on the parts with accurate, for the product appearance, color and very picky;And light touch switch to higher degree of precision, due to the different parts of the stroke can directly affect the products and handle, emphasizes the exception of the features of the product is high, but for the appearance of the products, color to shame.

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