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Membrane Switch Waterproof Effect Do Not Need To Worry About

- May 14, 2018 -

Membrane switch is a kind of switch environment resistance, resistance to environment also is able to resist the bad environment, such as dirt, temperature and moisture, etc. Water about goods especially electronic goods are damage, the damage is constant dropping wears away a stone, for example, cannot cut off water to the harm of easing the impact water good for goods.

Membrane switch is not afraid of water that it can reduce the water must extent on the impact to switch days, facing strong water, switch to the survival of the factors and its structure, manufacturing information and manufacturing properties. Membrane switches to a sealed structure, degree of tightness must prevent the invasion of foreign material, etc, on the switch manufacturing information choice is waterproof materials and information is assured brand, thus can still maintain the original when in contact with a small amount of water the measure. About switch manufacturing nature is to change the traditional switch, let the existing switch play a more important effect in the whole commodity, in terms of membrane switch is different from usually switch function, and can also serve as the whole commodity appearance maintenance machine commodity harm is not affected by the outside world.

Membrane switch life spans can be as high as more than 1 million times, don't worry too much about the dangers of the external impact, waterproof is one of the main functions of the membrane switch.

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