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Membrane Switch Proofing Necessity And Importance

- Sep 19, 2017 -

The sample is havenMembrane switchThe weight of the quality control basis and with the customer communication tool, its function mainly reflects in the

The two aspects.

First, the sample can help customers to check in the document contains all kinds of information, in order to modify in time, such as font, figure

Case, color, etc.Color proofing in the most difficult to control, because different panel materials, printing ink rare stiff can cause the change of the sample color.

And second, the sample can be used for customersMembrane switchThe contract between factory.The contract shall be provided accurate and final sampleMembrane switch

Consistent color and contract samples in quantity best antenatal is soon to be typed, lest caused by sample placed for a long time and fade

The true.

Proofing is cohesion between prepress production and printing process, let users in the amount of prenatal foresee eventuallyMembrane switchThe effect.can

For the wholeMembrane switchProduction technology to provide standards forMembrane switchThe improvement of the quality to provide powerful guarantee.

Membrane switchTwo ways of proofing

A, soft proofing

Soft proofing are implemented on the color display, is undoubtedly the most convenient and fast, one of the cheapest proofing methods, requirements

The precision of color display, and must be properly calibrated.Soft proofing way obvious deficiency is: low resolution, only

There are 72 dpi;The accuracy of the color depends on the display performance and calibration, metallic cannot accurately reflect;Not for behind

Membrane switch manufacturing processes to provide the reference.


Second, the traditional proofing

Need to output film film and screen, and then finish proofing in screen printing machine.Traditional proofing the sample of the version and the version of the mass production

Production process is the same.Proofing and production data using the same file, through the proofing can discover potential problems, such as turtles profiling, yan

Color and font design, etc.havenMembrane switchThe sample is high technical content, needs a professional and technical personnel to create

Accurate perfect sample, and the intensity of labor is larger, involved in the process of many, the cost is high, sample production cycle is long.

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