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Membrane Switch Production Process Need To Do The Inspection Work

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Membrane switch production process what inspection does need make?

Useful measure of 1, the first thing to know their planning, the film's request, such as zhengyang, Yang, Yin, the Yin (membrane switch circuit and should be corrected if printed), and the request of line and shape of the network.If you spell big edition, the direction of the puzzle is accurate.

2, font, font should be used in equipment and output base, if use the remote fonts, be sure to turn curve.

3, the content is there fault, it usually contains fonts with and without noise, graphics color separation, presence of static electric wire, film have scratches, and so on.

4, films are dirty appearance, sometimes solution and roll machine rail may have stain on the appearance of the film, it will affect the printing quality.

5, set of questions: anchor point and horn line, version of the label is ready, each film is a strict set of qi, in addition, because the film of smoke, and the precision of the phototypesetter wrong question, the monochrome version and once after the version is not strict, all the film must be output together, otherwise there may be new color is not allowed.


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