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Membrane Switch Printed Circuit The Network Version Of Bridging Technology In Production

- Apr 10, 2018 -

For membrane switch interchange of printed circuit in the circuit "bridge" technology, we not only require printing coating has excellent insulation, more important is through the choice of screen preparation technology, to ensure that the "bridge" thick, the thickness of the "bridge" should satisfy pressure above 200 v.If the thin insulating layer, the coating compression performance, more not prevent "bridge" fluctuation cross wire short circuit because of the silver ion as solvent penetration.

With printing increased number of measures to increase the thickness of the insulating layer will be in vain.This is not only to increaseMany of theWork, at the same time, many times thickening of interlayer adhesion is not so ideal and make needed to "bridge"theThe slope is affected.One of effective methods is to use hollow plate plate making technologyTo deal with"Bridge" the thick of sexual problems, hollow board may choose a certain thickness of PET film as hollow plate of the base material.specifictheProcess is in the bridge site on PET film, according to the parts needed to put the "bridge" hollow out, again will wear thin margins, constitute a "bridge" mouth of the slope, the plate-making technologyAlthough old, butThe method that make is very simple, and the economyHave a goodEffect, is difficult to match other plate method.

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