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Membrane Switch Prepress Line Design Can Not Be Ignored

- Sep 08, 2017 -

In many applications, especially in price-sensitive consumer products, flat (or quasi-flat) switches and small keyboard / keyboard has replaced the traditional mechanical switch. The techniques used include resistive film switch panels, piezo switch panels, and capacitive sensing touch panels. In this paper, the typical construction of these technical solutions and the advantages and disadvantages of a brief introduction, and then the emergence of the emerging emerging charge transfer sensing technology analysis. The technology can solve many of the inherent problems inherent in technology, and its cost for mass production of consumer applications is also quite attractive.

Screen printing in the field of electronic engineering and information technology is widely used to develop a new screen printing of electronic screen printing market. Electronic screen printing technology, a wide range of applications, such as ordinary circuit board printing, integrated circuit board printing, film switch printing. As the membrane switch in electronic products and other related products in the application is very broad, so it will become one of the main contents of electronic screen printing. In view of the membrane switch printing and general circuit board printing is different, the printing quality requirements are relatively high, in order to ensure product quality, from the line design, material selection and master the printing technology and other aspects of close attention.

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