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Membrane Switch Panel Process

- Sep 16, 2017 -

 2.2 the determination of parting surface

How do you determine the points to find surface, consideration is more complex.Because the parting surface is plastic parts in the system of forming a shrug, injection mold design and molding process of plastic parts and precision, insert a dish shape, as well as the method of launch, mould Hu Zao and exhaust, operation process and other factors, therefore when choosing grouping surface should be comprehensive analysis and comparison.

Selected from several plans more reasonable solution.This example USES a plane perpendicular to the direction of injection mould points v, Fen play the part of the edge of the parts as a parting surface.We adopt by UG Mold Wizard automatic parting.

  2.3 mold cavity, core and determine the dimensions of work parts:

ABS the collected rate from 0.5%, therefore in the UG, after parts size 1.005 x magnification, with a blank parts package along the parting surface points, in which then can be mold preliminary of cavity and core size.


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