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Membrane Switch Panel And Buttons

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Transparent window and display, but also because of its lightweight, easy to use.Membrane keyboardsHas been widely used in: intelligent electronic measurement

Quantity of instruments, medical equipment, computer control, digital machine tools, electronic weighing apparatus, post and telecommunications, copy machine, a refrigerator, microwave oven,

Electric fans, washing machines, video games and other kinds of industrial and household electrical appliances product, its application field is very broad.

1, industrial areas: widely used in the intelligent electronic measuring instruments and meters, computer control, digital machine tools, industrial controller

And industrial weighing apparatus, etc.

2, home appliances field: widely used in air conditioners, washing machines, induction cooker, microwave ovens, rice cookers, soybean milk machine, etc.

3, medical equipment field: widely used in machines, electronic sphygmomanometer, various therapeutic apparatus, etc.

havenThin film panelThe characteristics of

Thin film panelIs the soft plastic material such as PVC, PC, PET established shapes on the screen printing, such as text and different

Double-sided adhesive produced by material used for identification or protective plastic products.havenThin film panelWith different materials, the decision


Its price and performance, the use of screen printing processThin film panel, the biggest characteristic is:

1, the word intuitive graphics and text, and can adapt to different plane and curved plane.

2, the choice of different materials, can make the PVC, PC, PET, etc.

3,Thin film panelCharacteristics: waterproof, prevent deformation, pollution prevention, high temperature, strong viscosity, etc.

Thin film according to the national health(Metal dome array), it is a contact including Metal shrapnel (pot) PET chips, used in PCB,

FPC etc on the circuit board used as a switch, and between users and the instrument plays an important role in touch type switch.With the traditional

More than silicone buttons, conductive film has better handle, longer life, also can indirectly improve the use of the conductive film

Types of switch production efficiency.Thin film according to the national healthThe conductive parts of the contacts on the PCB (mostly in gold on the circuit board

Fingers above), when under pressure, concave under the center of the shrapnel, come into contact with the line on the PCB, to form a circuit, current

Through the whole product is to work properly.By looking at the thin film circuit, it is made, which can be found under the three layers,

Including upper and lower two layers using conductive paint printed circuit, the key is set below the corresponding contact, isolation layer for the middle layer,

Have round in the key part of the same contact (or hollowed out), when press the keyboard, upper and lower two layers of unicom of the circuit, produced

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