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Membrane Switch Need To Pay Attention To Plate Making Quality

- Sep 14, 2017 -

 In order to ensure theMembrane switchLine screen printing quality, the network version of the production is very important.Due to the switching circuit by the current, resistance, pressure, parameters, such as insulation and life this is the silk screen printing products to muti_function, penetrating the concrete embodiment of high-tech fields.To ensure the function of the circuit, first of all should make sure that the silver paste printed circuit network version of the quality.Before making electric network edition, the first thing to consider in the circuit thickness, compactness and smoothness of conductive graphics on screen production requirements.The thickness of the switch circuit graphics printed circuit is to ensure that the switch.Tuo can the basic conditions, so the network version of the production process must choose the appropriate network version of the film thickness, to ensure adequate conductor circuit graphics, ensure switch circuit has good performance.Enough thickness, not only for current through the resistance, reduce provides favorable conditions, but also can improve the graphics in the amount of high abrasion resistance of the switch contact.Printed circuit graphics but due to the switch circuit is composed of silver particle particle gathered, in silver slurry seal material, resin connection between the particles, impurities of conductive particles, in the process of the screen printing and silk screen line of metal particles produced by the blocks, etc., will affect the density of the conductive graphics, which affect the electric parameters of performance.It should be fully considered in the plate making and printing.Switch line printing in order to reduce the line resistance, must ensure line has enough thickness.As a result of chosen the phenomenon such as coarse mesh screen edge serrate, so onMembrane switchWhen the plate making will be fully considered and take note, to correct and avoid in the process, according to practical experience, switch circuit plate should be paid atten

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