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Membrane Switch Method Steps

- Apr 06, 2017 -

1. Clean the film switch to the surface of the fitting (required to be flat surface, no rust, no oil, dust-free);

2. Compare to the size of the film switch to paste where the size of the location is exactly right?

3. Then the thin film switch bottom centrifugal paper from the edge stripping around 10mm;

4. Then put the film switch to the corresponding position affixed to a part, and then slowly tear the remaining centrifugal paper (in the case of no more than 15 degrees), followed by the corresponding position.

5. Paste process If tearing back the flip side of the thin film of centrifugal paper switches need to be placed first, should be placed on the reverse side to prevent adhesion to other objects affect paste;

6. Note: Paste can not repeat operation, need to complete; tearing angle can not exceed 15 degrees; Try to feel when you have to put on the desktop and then press, you can not take in the hands of the vacated press, otherwise will affect the film switch service life.

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