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Membrane Switch, Membrane Panel Whether Have Waterproof Function

- Sep 13, 2017 -

1, film panels for waterproof ability

Thin film panel installation ends because of adhesive used hot way, then a touch panel of the waterproof layer, namely drainage functions and secondary waterproof functions.Shenzhen membrane switch

2, every function

Usually switch panel does not have root function, insulation and thin-film panels because density is big, has strong root sex, insulation thickness can be adjusted according to the requirements of root isolation membrane, reach every root.

3, to glue and hot

Because P touching film panel right and wrong, crystal structure, appearance is made of special glue can be useful damage data structure and layer membrane can be useful together together, have waterproof function of root.Very simple to use it.

4, the intensity is big

Thin film panel compressive strength is big, its compressive strength is 1.5 times that of the same thickness of PS coil 2.5 times of HDPE material.

Mechanical membrane switch

5, fall prevention plan

Choi Ming all films panel design is reasonable, it because the selection of center support needle, after turns the soil geotextile not caved in, to ensure the normal use of the switch.

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