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Membrane Switch Is Often Used In Which Parts Of The World

- Sep 26, 2017 -

We are manufacturer of membrane switch is how to choose and buy, membrane switch is how to occupy the market to get our recognition of this kind of goods, a professional below to us about the membrane switch are usually used in what place, hope there is a lot of help in the process of the use of the back.

Membrane switch is widely used in intelligent medical instruments, electronic measuring instrument, CNC machine tools, computer control, copier, post and communications, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, electric fans, video games and other household appliances and all kinds of industrial goods.

Membrane switch also has a novel, beautiful appearance, secondly it light weight, small size, the thickness of thin, more conducive to notebook computer keyboard to short, thin, light and high intelligent direction, prevent oil, dustproof, moisture proof and harmful gas, seismic and sealing strong acid and alkali resistant, resistant to twists and turns, using the full length, it can be more than one million times, usually use touch switch contact is straight, the wear quantity is very small; And the thickness of the silk screen printing can contact form to meet, and on the silver pulp contact in printing a layer of conductive carbon, to reach high wear-resistant self-lubricating intentions, and membrane switch life spans than mechanical contact switch progress more than dozens of times.


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