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Membrane Switch In The Electronics Industry Technical Standards

- May 10, 2018 -

Membrane switch in the electronics industry technical standards

In the practice of production of membrane switch, membrane switch products in high voltage, insulation resistance and other performance indicators and panel layer ink color (color, color), copy of numerical indicators (tolerance) the establishment of the principle, testing method, etc. Expressed in this paper, the quality of the management thought of electronic/screen printing product technical standards, the revision of standardization and very constructive. Keywords membrane switch standards standardized quality management, quality standards and the importance of the standardization work along with the development of world economy, "quality first" has become the international business community of the common faith, to develop research and practice of quality management has become a national enterprises in the major means of competition. In domestic companies, including screen printing industry, with the establishment of the socialist market economic system and gradually improve, the idea of "quality is enterprise's life" have been agreed upon by the corporate world. When it comes to quality and quality management, of course, is inseparable from the standard and standardization. The so-called "standard" is a measure of the quality of the product or service quality evaluation and (and work quality, process quality, etc.) of a scale, is the enterprise carries on the quality of the product design and management on the basis of product quality. Cannot proceed without all kinds of standard and management; And the so-called "standardized", according to the international organization for standardization (ISO) to give it the definition is: for the benefit of all parties, especially in order to promote the best comprehensive economic and due consideration to the conditions of use and safety requirements, in collaboration with all parties, by its specific activities that have order to formulate and implement the process of the rules. Standardization in science, technology, based on the comprehensive results of with the experiment, it not only lay the foundation, and does not determine the future development, it has always been consistent and development pace. Standardization work, including the standardization of technology and other standards to carry out, also needs to be implemented in the process of enterprise quality management. In the process, inspection standards and standardization through the practical work, to learn nutrition, develop continuously, thereby gaining strong vitality. The process of quality management, also is the process of standardization, standardization also to give full play to the role in the implementation of quality management.

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