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Membrane Switch For The Development Of New Fun

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Membrane switchThe development of new features inMembrane switchPublicity and indicated in the technical performance parameters, we can often see such annotation:"Membrane switchOnly suitable for below DC3OV voltage, electric current is less than 100 ma work environment ".Literally,Membrane switchIs only applicable to weak current environment, it seems that in high voltage environmentMembrane switchHas lost.But now, in many occasions such as the special domain of the big stage,Membrane switchStill can serve as important role.Membrane switchIn addition to the application in the field of heavy current, a single switch button can control a variety of functions is another feature.Such as the gree electric fan (specifications FAS a 35) B, a wind type selection button can respectively control natural wind, sleep wind, the common three kinds of mode choice;Water consumption in some appliances, a standard button incredibly can have what relation we can in a word "who haveMembrane switch"Absolutely inseparable from the PCB.If for example compared PCB to the "skin" of electronic instruments;Membrane switchIs the "MAO" of electronic instruments.Archaism cloud: "don't save, skin hair will AnFu".Because of this reason, plusMembrane switchIn screen printing as a major means of technology, and quite familiar with silk screen printing and PCB industry, so many PCB PCB production and investment enterprise productionMembrane switch, and in so doing one is the "after", the second is that processingMembrane switchCustomers also need processing PCB at the same time, they also don't want to find two manufacturers respectively, because if so both the long production cycle, but also increase the processing cost.

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