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Membrane Switch Commonly Used Technical Terms

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Membrane switch commonly used technical terms

Editor: admin time: 2015-09-05 source: source network

Membrane switch

By a certain elasticity of insulation layer and the conductive material layer composed of a multilayer structure planar non-locking key switch

Thin film panel

Is processed into a set of elastic thin film has a certain function word operator instructions of decorative panels.

Film key units (hereinafter referred to as film key)

Is a key of film key array plane, it is including with conductive graphics (contact switch) the elasticity of the insulation film and keep a schedule of interlayer element.

Film key array

Two or more than two film key combination, film key array Is often indirect operation.

Switching circuit

Refers to, in accordance with the switch working schematic diagram of the transformation of technology implemented circuit commonly known as, strictly speaking should be referred to as the switch circuit, switch circuit generally composed of switch contacts, wire, wire.

Switch contact

Is the fundamental element of switch conduction.A switch in the general mood Condition has a pair of contact, in the special design can also be for more than a pair.

Switch the attachment

Connected to the switch a contact wire, and according to certain line sequence, the collection box seat dry design specified area are connected to the switch fuses.

Switch fuses

Part of switch circuit connected to the rear machine circuit connection.

The rear circuit

By the connector and switch circuit is connected to the machine circuit, i.e. receiving circuit and the switch action information work.

On the circuit

Switch the upper body contacts connected lines on the carrier, the operating force of touches and action, is also called dynamic circuit.

The circuit

Switch connected on support for the lower body lines, because of its passive static, also known as static road.

Touch panel

Switch circuit, a pair of contacts in the same layer are designed into a maze, is for the contact conduction zone.See more at public bus method of the circuit.


Touch is used only for conducting plate of unit designed a pair of contact area of the conductor, to be used with touch the plate.

Display window

Display window

inMembrane switchPanel on the layer where luminous element display The text or graphics area.Display window is usually colored transparent, can also be a colorless transparent.

Display window

Refers to the exposed film, for exposure to display text or graphic elements.

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