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Membrane Switch Assembly And Connection

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Membrane switch membrane switch circuit of circuit design is to use conductive silver paste printing in flexible manufacturing base.The wire width of its general between sex and its resistance is bigger than metal copper foil.And because the film base material heat resistance in the following the load ability of the flexible membrane switch circuit and the ability to change with temperature is small.In addition to membrane switch circuit arrangement is different from the conventional mechanical switch.Installation and maintenance but more wires.Such as single lead its lead times the number equal to the number keys.Public bus connection method is for all the key with a public bus is connected to the other mountain each key to lead to a wire to form different combinations.The lead wire Numbers is equal to the number keys.


And membrane switch circuit is a circuit and conductor is printed on a thin film at the same time it is possible according to the requirements of computer array destined together is the key circuit which is a matrix connection method.Each column chart out a matrix method of connection of all switches have public attachment each line and at the same time also has a public connections that formed the combination of multiple independent form the key control circuit.Matrix connection method to qualify for at least its lead for key several times square root.Figure matrix arrangement method of the wiring diagram key number is fewer public bus connection method and matrix connection method between the difference is not obvious when key for many matrix connection method is obvious. The advantages of the bligh matrix connection method can not only meet the needs of computer decoding circuit and made by the child it lead the least convenient.Because the first thing to consider when printing the minimum width of wire.And row line is clear, of course, connecting the shorter, the less the better.Flexible membrane switch membrane switch and chassis assembly with a pressure sensitive rubber cover on the back of

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