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Jasper:Low Temperature Curing The Use Of Conductive Silver Pulp On The Membrane Switch

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Membrane switch the low-temperature curing conductive silver pulp is commonly used by metal silver powder, high polymer resin, solvents and other additives in certain binding phase under the action of mechanical force stick together. Its conductive function, mainly rely on the people and silver offer free electron charge carriers, conductive function is seepage tunnel effect and field emission theory, three kinds of mechanism of the result of competition with each other. In addition to the silver powder, resin dry knot phase is to determine the key material of low temperature performance of conductive silver pulp.

Can be as different electric silver paste is phase of the many molecular resin, such as poly acid resin, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, poly acid atmosphere, etc. As the carrier of silver powder. Resin dry knot phase determines the flexibility of conductive silver pulp, hardness, adhesion and resistance to bending, comprehensive performance. Currently used more sensitive resin for ring, but its brittleness. Poor resistance to impact, and gather atmosphere vinegar resin and all kinds of materials have excellent dry knot force. And can through molecular design, molecular chains in the proportion of soft and hard segment and structure to achieve the hardness, and excellent flexibility. Suitable for high frequency bend under the conditions of use.


This experiment with self-made superfine silver powder as conductive phase. The system studied the silver powder morphology, particle size, the type of polymer resin, curing conditions on the properties of silver paste, preparation of the resistivity is lesser, bending resistance, hardness and adhesion excellent low-temperature curing conductive silver pulp.

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