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Jasper Electronics To Explain In Detail The Composition Of Membrane Switch

- Sep 26, 2017 -

In fact, in general, common membrane switch is mainly composed of six layers of material, in the order from the table to the panel, on the surface glue, circuit, the bottom of the isolation layer, the circuit and glue. The following respectively introduces the layers of structure:

1, the panel: panel is the "appearance" of the membrane switch, arranged in the appropriate button, on the basis of shape, through different color, design, key to the whole film switches necessary adornment effect. Panel floor of the main role is to identity and key role, so choose materials must have high transparency, high ink adhesion, high elasticity, prevent fold, etc.

 2, on the circuit, the circuit, the circuit is electrical component of membrane switch, is also the "off" switch "key", its performance directly affects the switch electrical performance is good or bad, mainly by the thin film on a layer of conductive material and form. The switch is closed, the circuit on the necessary of two roles getting an electric shock, generally within 0.05-0.175 MM, the thickness of the most common is to use 0.125 MM PET.

3, glue, isolation layer, bottom rubber: the three layer structure of the material are double-sided adhesive, due to different position in the switch structure and has a different name. Three layers of double sided adhesive by their level of different and has different thickness, the mainly according to the thickness of the membrane switch, button to determine the operating force.

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