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Interpretation Process Properties Of The Membrane Switch Characteristics

- Sep 18, 2017 -

 Membrane switch technology are mainly: screen printing, die cutting, assembly, testing and other technology.Both the requirement of production is very high, relative to character, use level of dust, the higher the workshop production for the product quality is guaranteed.Membrane switch demands with high precision, different parts of the precision, the product appearance, color, and very picky.


  Membrane switch is a kind of its own with a line key, usually the top is composed of a PET or PC and so on material the panel with the text or pattern, the lower is conductive lines, form the middle layer is analog switch and isolation effect of the double-sided adhesive made from PET material, the bottom part is usually a PET material contact and connection lines.With finger press key parts of the surface, its key contact with the lower part of the contact regions corresponding to the contact and a current connection.


  Membrane switch good softness, enclosed structure and waterproof structure, better adaptability to the environment.Membrane switch, switch, or panel conductive lines integrated together, can form a complete control system independently, can provide customers with the switch of a whole solution.


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