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How To Make Membrane Switch Is

- Oct 31, 2017 -

A, the origin and classification of membrane switch:

1. Origin:

1), the graph is made on the film base material, the component is a switch function, which is called membrane switch, called MEMBRANESWITCHES in English.

2), composed of several layers of different material film adhesive to finished product, the thickness of 1, 2, 2 ~ 5 mm or so, appearance, such as plate, double role of both the panel and switch, switch, say again so panel English name PANELSWITCHES, or switch plate.

3), because of the switch trip short, only 0.25 ~ 0.5 MM or so, switch according to the pressure of 0.5 ~ 1 n, sensitive, and can finish switch handle gently touch effect, so it is also called a touch switch, or a light touch on the keyboard.


2, classification:

1), according to the circuit substrate is divided into flexible plate and hard board

2), according to the panel is divided into flat or vertical shape

3), according to the operation experience is divided into non inductive type and inductive type

4), according to the special purpose into clear and refers to the membrane panel

5), according to the way of combining panel with discrete and keyboard with the keyboard

6), we are only here for flexible plate membrane switch (R) of the sheet and the use of printed material is discussed.


Second, membrane switch structure form and the commonly used R structure

1, structure: flexible plate (R) and rigid plate (Y)

1), the structure of the R: membrane switch panel layer, isolation layer, all circuit layer by the different nature of soft film, such as: PET, PC, PVC.

2), Y structure: switch the graphics and lines are respectively made in ordinary double-sided printing line after copper plate on both sides, through hole metallization, both sides will line communication, and on the back of the welding components, with the metal guide as contact conduction touch labyrinth disc, after wiping with flat cable wire coils.

3, thin sheet used in the membrane switch

Panel material: the British ke figure Thai with samwo international cooperation AUTOTEX products, have different specifications, the thickness is (0.12 ~ 0.25 UM thickness) panel materials.

Sand surface PET are: F series (fine), V series (coarse sand surface). Have a convex, the two sides through special chemical treatment of polar plate, sand surface can be printed transparent window, glossy printing PVC, PC type of ink.

Hard coating chemically treated PET: EBG (smooth) series EBA (mist)

The PC piece of hard coating has different specifications: AUTOFLEXPCG (smooth) AUTOFLEXPCA (mist)

Circuit layer with sheet: : AUTOTEX special PET products.

The thermal stability and shrinkage prevention treatment and adhesion of smooth PET sheet, have AUTOSTATCT3, CT4, CT5, CT7, thickness of 25100, respectively

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