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How To Buy Switch Membrane Key Switch

- Apr 17, 2018 -

How to buy switch membrane key switch

        There are various kinds of switch sockets in the market, and they are not suitable for consumers. The switch socket is not only a kind of household functional product, but also the main component of safe electricity. Its product quality and performance materials are used to prevent fire and reduce losses. All have a crucial decisive role.

        Eyesight: General good product appearance is smooth, no burr, bright color and its material using high-quality abs+PC material, good flame retardant, non-friable. Some products, though smooth and clean, seem to be coated with a layer of oil, but they have a pale color and a large texture. These materials are not flame retardant and can be fired with fire to see how it is flame retardant. If it goes off quickly, it is a good plastic, otherwise it is a poor plastic.

        Hand press: A good product panel will not be directly removed by hand. A special tool must be used. In general, non-mainstream middle and low-end products are easy to take under cover by hand, resulting in indecent home and public places. When selecting, use the index finger and thumb to press the face cover diagonally to the end point. One end is pressed and held at the other end, and the other end is pressed hard. The face cover is loose and the product quality of sagging is poor, otherwise the quality is credible.

        Ear-listening: Press the switch function, the lighter the slide-type sound, the smoother the feel, the better the rhythm, and the better quality; on the other hand, the sound is not pure and agitated when opening and closing, and the quality is poor when there is intermittent sound. .

        Look at the structure: There are two more general-purpose switch structures:

        1, skateboard and pendulum type. The skateboard-type switch has strong sound and elegant and comfortable feel. The pendulum-type sound is crisp and has a slight metal impact sound. It is more stable than the traditional skateboard-type structure in the elimination of arc and the service life is mature.

        2. The connection of the two-hole pressure plate is safer than the screw pressure line.

Because the former increases the contact area between the wire and the electric device, it is resistant to oxidation, and is not prone to loosening or poor contact. The latter screw is likely to crush the wire when the screw is strong, and the contact area is small, which makes the electric parts susceptible to oxidation and aging, resulting in poor contact.

        Than the selection of material: Switching silver has a strong conductivity, low heat, high safety performance, the use of copper materials, the performance is greatly reduced; socket material using tin phosphorus copper can be with the best strength, toughness, elasticity and other indicators ,It is more than ten times durable than the general brass reed socket, and there is very little phenomenon that the strong electric arc burns out the socket when the board is inserted; the gold-plated spring pin is extremely difficult to oxidize, the performance is stable, and the sound quality can be guaranteed to be clear and real. Transmission is fast and accurate.

        Look at the logo: The current rating of home switches commonly used in the market is 10A and the socket current is 10A or above.

        Recognize the brand: Brand-name products have passed the strict test of time and market, and are recognized as safe products in the minds of consumers. No matter whether it is material or quality, they are strictly controlled. The packaging, transportation, display, and image design all have high quality processes. The product is not only a safety electrician functional product, but also an exquisite and elegant artwork that reflects the taste of elegant culture.

        Nowadays it is an era of fashion. Although electrical appliances are not a kind of consumer goods for daily use, they are just like mobile phones. Their exquisite styles, designs of different styles, and originality are all designed to make life safer and more comfortable.

        In fact, no matter from which aspect, home purchase should use some famous brand products. These products are not only of good quality, novel style, and various specifications, but more importantly, they are safe and reliable.

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