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Electronic Membrane Switch Panel Layer With The Materials

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Electronic membrane switch panel layer by poly carbonate vinegar single hair surface film, with silk screen printing method, tears will, symbols, images and color piece in the printing film on the smooth surface of carbonate accumulating. They are on the front panel respectively play a nominal, decoration and prompt action. So in the network version of the production process must take different measures.

Membrane switch panel is similar to the general plastic film screen printing screen printing, prepress processing was carried out on the printing film before printing. Graphic to print on the back panel, such as the printing on the non touch panel surface, to ensure that electronic membrane switch panel graphic clarity and is not subject to wear. Panel, plays an indicator function, transfer instructions, statements, to work. It requires that the edge of the screen printing is bright and clean and complete stroke. So words network version of the film should have certain thickness, to ensure that screen printing handwriting new layer is thick, so as to make clear, durable, smart and beautiful. Different thickness of photographic film is suitable for different occasions.

Such as feeling fine text is appropriate USES a film, to improve the clarity of the writing; Light color of the text or directly use primary colors printing graphic, diaphragm thicker responding to the request, so that more pure hue. In addition, usually on a layer of membrane switch panel is equipped with a transparent window, its role is to provide a switch function to establish or not and reflect the whole machine's working state, so that the operator or other personnel for the monitoring.


Variety in the plastic oil, but different performance. Tell from the craft, transparent window should enhance the LED. The LCD luminous effect, of course it and choose wavelength light-emitting element through star color matching. From the point of preparation of transparent screen window, appropriate USES direct legal version: nitrogen used in photosensitive glue, for example, the film thickness should be as thin as possible, silk screen also should choose monofilament thin silk screen at the same time, make transparent window layer thin and uniform, in order to maintain the display effect of luminous element.

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