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DC Power Socket Manufacturer To Explain Its Installation Procedures And Matters Needing Attention

- Apr 28, 2018 -

1, appearance inspection: socket panel and junction box box body complete, no fracture, complete parts and complete coating.

2, insulation resistance should not be less than 5 m omega.

3,The DC plugWith a self tapping screw or installation of the screw, screw with RuanSu fixed screw length is not less than 8 mm, no loosening or slag, screw, screw thread no damage phenomenon.DC power socket supplier

4, with the height from the ground socket is generally not less than 1300 mm;Dark outfit electrical outlet of bottom height is commonly 300 mm (or height not less than 150 mm) from the ground.Residential and children activities places of the socket is not less than 1300 mm;Hanging air conditioning socket height is 1900 mm.

5, the same indoor, such as power supply, telephone, TV socket panel should be on the same level elevation, elevation difference should not be less than 5 mm.The horizontal spacing of adjacent with the socket should be less than 5 mm.

Because of higher demand of DC power socket, hanyoung electronics production quantity and quality of this piece to control more and more strict, in particular the number of at the same time, guarantee the good quality, and also provide a good price and after-sales service, to buy DC power outlet, hanyoung electronic toy to you.

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