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Circuit Printing Technology Of Membrane Switch

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Membrane switch screen special printing is from the usual screen printing technology derived from a new screen printing technology, although it originated in screen printing, but because it uses a special screen printing means, which will screen printing technology To a new field, such as in normal screen printing, the requirement to ensure print quality is to reproduce the image as accurately as possible on the substrate, where "reproducibility" means that the printed image is consistent with the original image The color of the image after printing and the consistency of the original color, but in the special functional screen printing products such as membrane switch, not only to consider the above-mentioned reproducibility problem, it also consider the screen printing The consistency, compactness, smoothness, and electrical parameters of the conductor paste on the PET are based on these considerations, and there is a need for some know-how in the printing process, for example, when the pressure is relatively light When the ink is relatively heavy pressure (ie, light pressure back). In the scraper hardness choice to be soft. But also in the printing of the substrate before the treatment, because the PET surface polarity is poor, the majority of the ink (including silver paste) affinity is low, although the silver paste manufacturers for this problem, select the appropriate solvent, trying to The surface of the untreated PET film was successfully printed, but the adhesion of the silver paste was lowered due to the addition of certain additives, the precipitation of the ester material and the adhesion of the oil during the operation of the P ET film. PET film in the printed circuit should be carried out before an activation treatment to improve the PET film surface polarity. In addition to the PET film heat treatment and so on. From the above on the membrane switch screen printing process in a series of processing methods, we clearly see the special printing in the screen is different from the general screen printing technology special treatment means. Of course, in the film switch printing process, we must also pay attention to the choice of silver metal content, that is, how the quality of silver paste. Even if we choose the right screen preparation technology, the right screen printing technology and material handling technology, if the use of poor quality of silver paste, then the final production of the membrane switch is bound to be unable to use the waste.

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