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Capacitive Touch EL Screen Manufacturing Membrane Switch Line Four Problems Should Be Paid Attention To

- May 10, 2018 -

Capacitive touch EL screen manufacturing membrane switch line four problems should be paid attention to

The first point, choose the larger network box, network version of tension. Net frame, relative deformation is small, convenient operation. Net frame stretch tight closely, is advantageous to the data and the screen printing can be agile separation, so more advantageous for high viscosity pulp silver.

The second point, crafts glue, plastic flat surface evenly. Usually with 4 times advisable, but there are special circumstances, it depends on the photosensitive adhesive glue thin consistency and resolution. First pass on glue, want to repeat in the web version of the uniform motion, on both sides of the photosensitive glue evenly fill mesh. Then baking in the oven (note: every scraping gum, it is necessary to complete drying), the second, three times in the screen printing on surface after drying, the scrape a fourth times glue, in scraping ink surface drying at a time.

The third point, closely linked to the print screen and films, time shoulds not be too long, otherwise the development difficult, also shoulds not be too short, otherwise will form is not resistant to print, dilatation of the line. Then put in the drying system of good screen partly JK scour, low water pool just version of photosensitive glue evenly, enhancement of energetic after drying.

Fourth, drying the screen to see the presence of pinhole, bubble, and repair. Again after drying, for a second exposure, the first version of photosensitive glue links completely, strong, to progress the network version of the resistance to India.

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