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Capacitive Touch EL Membrane Switch Key, Touch Switch, Inductive, Tall, Shenzhen

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Capacitive sensing touchELMembrane switch button can penetrate the insulation shell 8mm(glass,PC/acrylic/More than plastic, etc.), accurate to detect the finger touch effectively.And ensure the sensitivity, stability and reliability of the product such as not due to changes in environmental conditions or use for a long time and change,Shenzhen private detectiveAnd have waterproof and strong anti-jamming ability, strong protection, super suitable temperature range

Ordinary type touch-key compared with capacitive sensing touch buttons:

1, capacitive sensing touch keys do not need to direct contact with the metal body, can eliminate safety hidden trouble, even if you can also use the gloves, and is not affected by weather, dry and wet resistance change human body, it is more convenient to use.

2, capacitive touch keys no mechanical parts, don't wear out, infinite life, reduce maintenance costs.

3, capacitive touch key sensing part can be placed into any insulation layer (usually a glass or plastic material), it is easy to make with the surrounding environment photograph sealed the keyboard.

4, capacitive touch key panel design, size, shape, any design, character, trademarks, the perspective windowLEDPervious to light, such as arbitrary collocation, beautiful, fashion, not faded, not deformation, durable.Fundamentally solved various kinds of metal panel as well as the effect of various mechanical panel cannot reach.Its reliability and beautiful design conceptions, can directly replace the existing ordinary panel (1Mechanical switch,2Touch the button, home appliance products3, membrane switch4, enclosed the keyboard), and the multiplication of products to give you energy!

5, capacitive touch keys do not need to make any changes to the existing control procedures

6, capacitive touch buttons instead of physical buttons to make products more beautiful and high-grade, high sensitivity to detect the need for hard

7, capacitive touch button is small in size, low power consumption, wide voltage, low cost, high cost performance

8Alternative, capacitive touch keys1Mechanical switch,2Touch the button, home appliance products3, membrane switch4And enclosed the keyboard

9、LEDBacklit touch-key of switch control, standard pattern is transparent, light gauge can operate in any light, in line with the international trend, convenient identification at night.

The technology has been widely used, maturity, stability and reliability have won consumer electronics, small appliances, such as intelligent control panel application in the field of mass production verification, is a new concept of new products, such as essential components of innovation of product design optimization.

Purpose: audio panel, telephone control keyboard, instruments and meters, washing machine control panel control panel, intelligent entrance guard system control panel, all kinds of small home appliance, induction cooker, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven……), has been covering home appliances, handheld devices, industrial control, automotive electronics, military products, such as almost all involves the application field of operation panel control buttons.

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