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Capacitive Touch EL Film Switch Button, Touch Switch, Induction

- May 10, 2018 -

Capacitive sensing touch EL thin film switch buttons can penetrate the insulating material shell above 8mm(glass, PC/acrylic / plastic, etc.) and accurately detect the effective touch of the finger. It also ensures that the sensitivity, stability, and reliability of the product will not change due to changes in environmental conditions or long-term use. Shenzhen Private Detectives also have waterproof and strong anti-interference capabilities, Super protection, and Super fit temperature range.
Comparison between normal touch keys and capacitive sensing touch keys:
1, the capacitive sensing touch button does not require the human body to contact the metal directly, can completely eliminate safety hazards, even if you wear gloves can be used, and is not affected by the weather dry and wet human resistance changes, more convenient to use.
2, capacitive touch buttons do not have any mechanical parts, will not wear, unlimited life, reduce late maintenance costs.
3, capacitive touch button sensing

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