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Brief Introduction Of Membrane Switch Two Proofing

- Dec 12, 2017 -

 Sample is the basis for quality control of membrane switch and communicate with the customer communication tools, proofing is cohesion between prepress production and printing process, let the user in the amount of prenatal foresee a membrane switch effect in the end.Can provide the standard for the whole membrane switch production process, provide powerful guarantee to improve the quality of our membrane switch

Membrane switch proofing introduces below two ways:


  1..Soft proofing


  Soft proofing are implemented on the color display, is undoubtedly the most convenient and fast, a sampling method is the cheapest, requires color display higher precision, and must be properly calibrated.Soft proofing way obvious deficiency is: low resolution, only 72 dpi;The accuracy of the color depends on the display performance and calibration, metallic cannot accurately reflect;Not for the back of the membrane switch manufacturing processes to provide the reference.


  2..The traditional proofing


  Need to output film film and screen, and then finish proofing in screen printing machine.Sample version of the traditional proofing and production version of the production process is the same.Proofing and production data using the same file, through the proofing can discover potential problems, such as turtle grain, color and font design problem.


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