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Antistatic Type Membrane Switch

- Sep 13, 2017 -

membrane switch is made of flexible insulation layer and the conductive material layer composed of a multi-layer structure

Non-locking key switch, it set button switches, panels, tags, reading display window, the light is transparent

Window, switch is in the attachment, switching circuit and inlets on conventional panel to annotation of words, symbols, pack

Act the role of the content of product appearance and operating system of fundamental change, mainly applied to household appliances,

Communications equipment, industrial equipment, instruments, etc.At the same time production up to the present more than exports to the eu, such as lead-free environmental protection

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Film mechanical pressure switch

Suitable for monitoring cleaning flow in pipes and heating device.Or for general liquid level monitor technology applications.Its special reinforcement structure is done Xu unilateral rupture pressure maximum up to 20 bar.

Technical parameters

The relative pressure and differential pressure



Liquid and gas

The biggest pressure

  20 bar

The maximum overload pressure




Contact output

Resistive 1 A 250 vac, inductive 0.5 A 250 vac

Protection grade


Electrical fittings

Screw terminal, 6.3 mm flat connector (AMP connectors)

Pressure fittings

Internal thread G1/8

Mounting bracket

Main application fields

Liquid, gas flow control, etc

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