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What should membrane switch production assembly steps and process including?

- Aug 09, 2017 -

1. The screen printing line in oven drying test 40 minutes, the temperature is 115 degrees Celsius.(note that screen printing good line should dry naturally as good) circuit simple assembly after baked a cake of, if there is a short circuit, open circuit test circuit, the resistance is too large.
2. Stick the tail line: after baked good line detection of single wire resistance, the tail line by line 1 mm hole to carbon paste overlap with laminating machine press a layer of insulation tape (not to the key as far as possible to the direction stick more).
3. Blunt tail line: use a knife die stamping out the tail line, stern line on both sides to uniform, especially pay attention to the string cable is apart from the end line), the sample can use a ruler a rubber belt on the inner side of the outlet hole on the touchline to drag to tail, and pay attention to the ruler should stick on the opposite side of the line, so can avoid the silver paste glue.
4. Assembly lines: the first will be better under the stern line circuit on the mezzanine, stick silver pulp point to in the middle of the sandwich hole, there can be no bubbles, and then put a line, pay attention to the fluctuation of the circuit positioning alignment, contact can't dislocation.
5. Stick of gum: has been well rushed back glue stick in the circuit, paste should be brought out the tail line, glue to cover four horn line, all paste process cannot have bubbles.

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