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what problem design of membrane switch will meet?

- Sep 18, 2017 -

 Membrane switch is composed of multilayer film, the use of different material properties, plays a different role, complete the function of the membrane switch on the electric products.The circuit layer is the main function of membrane switch, it is the function of the required products in accordance with the circuit and electronic circuit design.Common problems in the design of membrane switch circuit is as follows:


  1, membrane switch shrapnel from a bulge buttons need to put right, should not have a deviation, otherwise it will affect the operation of the keys to failure.


  2, the color problem: ink modulation ratio, is a major cause of color deviation caused by serious, there is a strict color.Colour range is too small, these factors is whether any one industry is difficult to control.


  Bulge position of 3, buttons, need to open mold to the right position, otherwise it will effect the beauty of the keys.Back glue not stick, in addition to the selection of raw materials, to confirm the shape of a prototype.If the prototype have grooves to choose good quality viscose.The choice of lamination is more appropriate.


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