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What is the structure of the membrane switch?

- Sep 18, 2017 -

Membrane switch, insulation isolation layer is composed of panel, circuit and the circuit of four parts.For light touch type is normally open to switch, normally the two membrane switch contact is disconnected, when has the external force imposed on the membrane switch contact, instantaneous through two normally open contacts.External force disappears, switch contact to restore normally open state.Usually circuit contact on the drum or add pot, feel is good).Press the membrane switch, circuit on contact deformation down, and the circuit plate contact conduction, fingers, contact bounce back on the circuit, circuit disconnect, loop to trigger a signal.


  Plane membrane switch: the initial stage of membrane switch is relatively common.Membrane switch the buttons on the only express the position of the key body in color, shape and size.Only by the accuracy of the vision to identify operators, without the proper feedback shows that whether the fingers in the effective scope of switch to switch jobs, thus affecting self-confidence and operating speed of the machine monitoring.


  Bump membrane switch: switch button up slightly, slightly higher than the panel, constitute a three-dimensional shape of the membrane switch.Three-dimensional buttons to accurately determine the location of the key body, improve the recognition speed, stimulate the operator sensitive sense of touch.Membrane switch on convex can be designed to diversification, improve product adornment effect, achieve perfect appearance.



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