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What functions can thin film panel manufacturers on breakthrough

- Apr 11, 2018 -

A. Physical and mechanical properties

  Because after the blow molding of polyethylene film used for printing or composite processing technology, to the effect of mechanical force, therefore, demand for polyethylene film, have excellent physical and mechanical properties shall include tensile strength, first crack percentage elongation and tear strength and so on several target should agree with specification.

  2. The surface tension of intrusive

  In order to make the printing ink and composite adhesive for the polyethylene film panel appearance outstanding damp and adhesion, demand for polyethylene film appearance must be the specification of the tension should arrive, or it will affect printing and compound produced smoothly.In general, the appearance of polyethylene film tension shall at least more than 38 dyne, more than 40 dyne is better.

  3. Standard and error

  The width and thickness of the polyethylene film should fit demand, bao hou uniform film, the thickness of the horizontal, vertical error is small, and the error spread evenly.

  Appearance of four.

  Demand for polyethylene film plasticizing outstanding, no significant "water line" and "cloud";Thin film lubrication appearance should be smooth, without buckling or only a handful of pleats;There is no air bubbles, perforation and rupture surface;No significant of black spots, impurities, and frozen block;There is no severe hanging line and silking existence.

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