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what factors can be affected the membrane switch?

- Sep 18, 2017 -

 Due to the limitation of financial strength, for most of the small and medium-sized film company (hereafter called sacsc), locked good membrane switch of raw materials, from the source to reduce quality accident factors has strong operability.Membrane switch production process, raw materials are mainly film, printing ink, solvent three categories.Overall quality control principles: according to the customer's specific requirements or the characteristics of membrane switch, after processing to choose suitable film and structure;After selected the material structure, according to different membrane selected suitable ink, and form a complete set of corresponding solvent;Avoid excessive packaging or shoddy.


  Now in the market is a wide variety of thin film, but the most commonly used panel printing film with PVC, PC, PET.In terms of printing, the most important, of course, is the thin film surface treatment effect, whether be affected with damp be affected with damp.Corona effect has timeliness, place a long time, corona effect may drop too up to less than the requirement of printing;Avoid reverse printing membrane surface.


  There are many factors affecting the quality of printing membrane switch, how to better grasp the quality of the membrane switch, each film company (hereafter called sacsc) all have their own management methods.The quality control of raw materials is the most basic haven membrane switch production process and the key technological requirements, it is hard to imagine not qualified or not suitable raw materials to ensure the quality of produce qualified membrane switch, therefore, membrane switch manufacturing enterprises must be durable and the good quality of raw materials effectively.


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