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What aspects of membrane switch quality detect

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1. Detection of membrane switch Gui operation requirements
The appearance quality of inclusions, uneven inclusion, less than 2 / dm squared.The length of the inclusions, spots is not more than 1 mm.Not allowed to accumulate, at least 50 mm apart scratches;Scratch is less than 1 / dm squared, the length of the scratch is not more than 20 mm, the depth and width is not more than 50 um;Depth is not more than 1 um scratches are allowed.
2. Color
With batch of products should be no obvious difference color, color printing layer be hiding power, enough to reflect light observation can't see the following colour and structure;Printing transparent ink layer, double color overlap must not exceed 1 mm, the resulting color deviation is allowed.Printing characters and the edge of the patch is not clear is not greater than 0.15 mm.
Size 3.
The size of the membrane switch shall comply with the terms of table 1, membrane switch and parallelism of two adjacent side has verticality should comply with the provisions, tape the center distance between adjacent wire end of average of 2.54 mm.
4. The peel strength
Membrane switch the peel strength of adhesive layer should not be less than 8 n / 25 mm.

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