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What are the aspects of the finished membrane keypad?

- Apr 17, 2018 -

What are the aspects of the finished membrane keypad?

1. View of film panel raw materials: adhesives, adhesives, panels, carbon ink, spacers, reinforcing plates, substrates, silver paste, and insulation printing should conform to the drawing rules.

2, shape comparison: film button panel shape, conductor lines, insulation treatment, liner combinations, etc. should be consistent with drawing rules or supply samples.

3, check the scale: the scale of the drawing unpatched tolerances to meet the specifications, and other in line with drawing rules.

4, to see the appearance: the film panel can not have significant shortcomings, such as character lack of strokes; stains, light points; deinking, stains, scratches; bright window overflow glue, residual glue and so on. Unbiased appearance, such as print layout, upper and lower line key combinations, line and key sheets, film panel and key combinations, film panel buttons at the bubbling and substrate. The punching burrs and squeezing bending dimensions should not be greater than 0.2mm, and the position should be toward the side without conductors.

5, check the color: the use of visual inspection method, with the sample or color card in comparison is not a color difference, the color request is particularly rigorous with a color difference meter comparison.

6. Adhesion of ink View: The ink is affixed with a hand-pressure pressure tape with a bright tape to ensure that there is no bubble after 10 seconds, and the peeling off is quick, and no ink is allowed to appear. After the insulating ink is dried, after the ink surfaces are pressed against each other and then pressed for 24 hours, it is necessary to ensure that the insulating surfaces do not adhere to each other. Apply pressure-sensitive tape to the hand pressure for 1 minute without bubbles, then peel quickly and no ink is left.

7. Peel strength test: The peel strength of the adhesive should not be lower than 8N/25mm.

8, bubbling inspection: a high degree of balance, intensity of balance.

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