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Tracking principle and application of the combination switch

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Due to the development of modern communication technology and the need of use, high reliability and long life are put forward for radio, fast, secret and multi-channel and small volume,. Light weight and a series of demands.

The requirements of the body for navigation, aviation radio communication is not looking for, not fine-tuning communication process, communication reliability and convenient manipulation, etc.

At present, the domestic and foreign products adopts electromechanical automatic navigation, aviation radio tracking system for remote control.The characteristics of the system are: simple structure, combination switch is adopted to replace the complex mechanism and electric circuit, and control tests are accurate and reliable.

Electromechanical design of automatic tracking system, the main problem is the combination switch of shape design.In the design, development and use of such devices, tend to further understand the requirement to the design principle of the combination switch, so as to adapt to the needs of the development.

This chapter first proposed by automatic tracking the working process of the combination switch, then discuss its design principle and method.

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